Pistachio Hair Mask

Pistachio hair mask, a product of Aegina.

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Pistachio hair mask, 200 ml – a product of Aegina.

Let the super nutrients of the Aeginian pistachio hydrate and tone up your hair while improving the flexibility of hair fibers with this pistachio hair mask.

A great remedy for treating split ends, dehydrated and colour damaged hair. Thanks to being the host of various hair benefiting fatty acids as well as vitamin Epistachio oil stimulates the growth of healthy strands. Pistachio oil is also rich in biotin, a key factor against hair loss.

Using this pistachio restorative hair mask even every day -like a conditioner- your hair will be fully restoredmoisturized and incredibly smooth and shiny thanks to the emollient factors of pistachio oil.

Ideally combine it with the pistachio tonic shampoo or hair oil!

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