Pistachio Hair Oil

Pistachio hair oil, a product of Aegina.

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Pistachio hair oil, 100 ml, a product of Aegina.

Let the super nutrients of the Aeginian pistachio hydrate and tone up your hair with this pistachio hair oil!

Very strong therapeutic pistachio hair oil for usage from roots to ends, combined with with laurel, jojoba and argan oils. Thanks to being the host of various hair benefiting fatty acids and Vitamin E, pistachio oil stimulates the growth of healthy strands and strengthens the locks. It also contains a considerable amount of biotin, a key factor against hair loss. Moreover, pistachio oil is an excellent moisturiser, tending to have highly hydrating and smoothening effects on your hair.

Use it once or twice per month to see your hair invigoratedmoisturised and incredibly soft and shiny.

Ideally combine it with the pistachio tonic shampoo or hair mask!


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