Pistachio Moisturising Antiageing Face Cream

Pistachio moisturising antiageing face-cream, an original product made in Aegina.

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Pistachio moisturising antiageing face-cream, 50 ml.

An original product made in Aegina.

24h hydrating face cream with anti-wrinkle benefits for all skin types.

This pistachio face cream contains pistachio oil which is naturally infused with demulcent properties and tends to have high hydrating and smoothening effects on the skin. It is highly beneficial when it comes to ageing as it contains a variety of potent antioxidants and vitamin E that tend to neutralize free radicals, a chief culprit behind premature ageing and in ensuring soft and silky skin for a longer time. Combined with rose and myrrh essential oils which have strong anti-wrinkle benefits, it guarantees a fully moisturized, smooth and shiny face offering at the same time strong anti-wrinkle action.

Let the super nutrients of the Aeginian pistachio nourish the skin of your face.

Antiaeging in the most natural way!

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