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I miss Aegina… When we are apart, I love travelling there with my mind… That’s where I feel like I’m “at home”.

Aegina is love… And there are many of us who feel the same! We love its port, its sea, its history, its beautiful buildings, the horse carriages, the promenade on the waterfront, the hidden bays, the picturesque villages, its special northern side, the eucalyptus and the green of the pine trees, its famous pistachios, our friends, our freedom…

There are so many reasons why we love Aegina… We spotted 44 reasons why and then we started asking people who love our island to find out their own reasons. The list is constantly getting richer!

How nice would it be if we could keep Aegina with us for longer? If we could have something with us to remind us of our most beautiful moments?

That’s exactly how the idea of ​​creating an e-shop with mementos, gifts and products from Aegina was born: through this constant self – questioning of our weloveaegina team! Now we will be able to complete our collection of souvenirs, we will be able to “wear” Aegina, to “taste” it, to “stare at” it, to “read books about” it, to “be closer to” it. But also to offer gifts to our friends, to decorate our homes and to learn more about our island!

Go through our weloveaegina e-shop any time of the day, any time of the year, and enjoy your shopping with the aroma and taste of the Aegina that we love!

We Love Aegina Team

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